Local Harvest

CSA 2022 week 23 distribution

CSA 2022 week 23: peppers, chard, cherry tomatoes

The weather-folks were right: it got chilly this past week. Right on the equinox, there was a sudden shift in temperatures, from highs in the mid-80s (F), to high in the low 60s. All this coming week it’s expected to be cool and occasionally rainy, so the weather has definitely […]

CSA 2022 week 22 distribution

CSA 2022 week 22: raspberries, bok choy, tomatoes

The weather forecast tells us that this is the last week in which we can expect hot weather. The crops from our farmers at Beaverland Farms already show this: we have wonderful tomatoes, but also fall raspberries and bok choy. We’ll still have warm days, but the nights are definitely getting cooler, […]

CSA 2022 week 21 distribution

CSA 2022 week 21: hot peppers, young ginger, eggplant

We’re having cooler nights here in SE Michigan – clearly we’re in the last weeks of summer. There are still glorious tomatoes, but CSA 2022 week 21 brings us hot peppers, eggplant, and young ginger. While I’m not a fan of hot peppers – in fact, I gave them away […]

CSA 2022 week 20 distribution

CSA 2022 week 20: tomatoes, celery, peppers

Tomato season is still in gloriously full production! We love tomato season. CSA 2022 week 20 gives us more tomatoes, but I still want more. Chances are good that I’ll buy a half-bushel to do some serious tomato preserving later this month. We have a box of goodness this week […]

CSA 2022 week 18 distribution

CSA 2022 week 18: chard, beans, tomatoes

We had a bit of cooler weather last week – by which I mean it wasn’t in the 90s every day, with 95% humidity. That’s a relief. This week, CSA 2022 week 18 brings us summer produce and just a hint of fall to come. We have cucumbers, eggplant, and […]

CSA 2022 week 17 distribution

CSA 2022 week 17: tomatoes, peaches, ground cherries

CSA 2022 week 17 brings us more summer – in this case, big tomatoes, peaches, and ground cherries. What are ground cherries, I hear you asking: ground cherries are not cherries at all, but a cousin to the tomato. They have very round little fruit inside paper husks, and they […]

CSA 2022 week 16 distribution

CSA 2022 week 16: cucumbers, peppers, beets

It’s August – where has the time gone? It’s CSA 2022 week 16 already. Our farmers at Beaverland Farms have filled our box with more good stuff this week, including the first two bell peppers. We have more tomatoes, and a lush bunch of chard, as well as multicolor beets. This week’s box […]

CSA 2022 week 15 distribution

CSA 2022 week 15: tomatoes, peaches, peppers

After a one-week hiatus to refresh the plant beds, this is CSA 2022 week 15, and our farmers at Beaverland Farms have resumed weekly distributions. This means that we’ll have 14 more weeks of delicious boxes to look forward to. They are planting fall crops now, and harvesting summer veg weekly. At […]

CSA 2022 week 14 distribution

CSA 2022 week 14: beans, cucumbers, chard

Mid-July: definitely summer. When it’s hot outside, we’re eating salads, and honestly, longing for the fresh tomatoes we just know will be ready any day now. Our farmers at Beaverland Farms have packed a splendid box this week. Inside CSA 2022 week 14’s box we find  beans: green, yellow, and purple! I’d love to see […]

CSA 2022 week 13 distribution

CSA 2022 week 13: beets, squash, cucumbers

In SE Michigan, we’ve settled into summer weather, which alternates between being wonderfully warm and pleasant, and scorchingly hot and humid. Our farmers at Beaverland Farms work with the weather to bring us more great produce. CSA 2022 week 13 brings us more beets and fennel, and adds pattypan squash, cucumbers, and […]

CSA 2022 week 12 distribution

CSA 2022 week 12: zucchini, berries, beets

It’s CSA 2022 week 12 – omg, July already! Our farmers at Beaverland Farms have given us a fantastic box with a surprise: a little punnet of black raspberries. I predict those will be gone within 2 days. What a treat! No more garlic scapes this week; it’s only a short season. […]

CSA 2022 week 11 distribution

CSA 2022 week 11: strawberries

Our farmers at Beaverland Farms have given us another great box, and CSA 2022 week 11 brings us a happy surprise: strawberries! We have a lovely bowl of ripe berries that will get eaten today, because who wants to wait around when there are ripe berries? In the box this week, we […]