Soups & Stews

Tuscan soup for 2

Tuscan Soup for 2

When your warm spring day turns chilly, as mine did today, consider making this small-batch Tuscan soup for 2. It’s similar to the Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana. You can have it on the table in less time than it would take you to drive to a restaurant. This is a […]

Goulash or gulasch Soup 1200

Austrian Goulash Soup

Many years ago, dear hubby and I spent a winter vacation in Austria. We skiied (real mountains!) we sledded (dear Gods, 8 km down a steep mountain road together on a single flimsy sled! ) and we led the genteel life in Vienna (Coffee! Sacher Torte!). We still talk about that vacation […]

Classic beef stew slow cooker

Beef Stew in the Slow Cooker

Beef stew in the slow cooker is one of the best things about winter cooking. It’s a simple classic: beef, onions, potatoes, and carrots. You might choose to add bright green frozen peas. I could imagine parsnips, turnips, or rutabaga in here as well. Don’t let the long ingredient list […]

Scallop bisque

Scallop Bisque for 2

The weather has turned chilly, and I’m in my kitchen making soup. That’s very common around here: colder weather means soups, stews, and freshly baked bread or muffins. Last night’s supper was no exception: it was a quick scallop bisque. Starting with a pound of frozen sea scallops, I made […]

bowl of pale green garlic soup in closeup

Soup with Garlic Scapes

Soup with garlic scapes? Of course! You can make a lovely soup that features garlic scapes and green garlic. This makes a delicate soup that’s unexpectedly mild, and reminiscent of a creamy asparagus soup. Don’t be afraid of the scapes! Garlic scapes are only available for a week or two […]

creamy asparagus soup

Creamy Asparagus Soup for 2

When you have good ingredients, you can make good things. When you have great ingredients, you can produce great things. This creamy fresh asparagus soup is one of the best things that’s come from my kitchen in recent weeks. It’s been a long cool spring, and the asparagus crop here in SE […]

meatball orzo soup

Meatball & Orzo Soup

I get it, really I do: we’re busy. We’ve just survived September, which for families with kids often means getting used to new schedules, new carpooling arrangements, and new homework struggles. The weather is changing, too: crisp and chilly one day and hot the next. It’s hard to plan ahead […]

white bean escarole and sausage soup

Quick White Bean & Escarole Soup

So far this month, we’ve had cold & grey weather – gloomy, but no rain or snow. According to the weather forecasters, that’s about to change. We’ll have a chance to put on our snow boots, test out the new electric snow thrower, and, best of all, warm up with […]

Stuffed Pepper Soup in Bowl

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Why stuffed pepper soup? November, here in SE Michigan, brings cold blustery weather, and adds unpredictability. We might have sunshine, sleet, snow, or all of the above in one day. I call it soup weather: this is the time of year when I have great appreciation for a good bowl […]

Carrot Ginger Soup with Thyme

Carrot Ginger Soup

In the spring of 2018, I embarked on a vacation voyage with Viking River Cruises. The food they served was simply marvelous, and I’ve been trying to recreate some of those flavors ever since. This carrot ginger soup is an example. It’s a simple soup: just carrots and onions with […]

dill pickle soup

Dill Pickle Soup

While it hasn’t been an especially cold winter, so far, it’s often been dank and grey. In my kitchen, the best remedy for the winter blahs is a pot of soup. Recently I experimented with a Polish dill pickle soup – and found a new family favorite. What a winner! […]

chicken stock quart jars

Overnight Chicken Stock

I cannot bring myself to toss a chicken carcass after it has been picked clean. You do roast chicken, right? Of course you do. Do you make stock the easy way? I make simple overnight chicken stock: it takes time, but almost no effort. You might think it’s difficult – but […]