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CSA 2023 week 17

CSA 2023 week 17 and earlier: summer!

You know how it goes – summer hits with full force, and suddenly you’re too busy to do anything. Of course that happened, and so this post will cover CSA 2023 week 17 and earlier: weeks earlier. I know some of you like to see what the CSA brings us every week. […]

CSA 2023 week 12

CSA 2023 week 12: chard, cucumbers, squash

I missed a week, again!! Now we’re at CSA 2023 week 12, and I forgot to tell you all about week 11. I’ll put both photos here for your enjoyment.         Summer is definitely upon us, and we’re starting to get more and more variety. Last week – […]

CSA 2023 week 5

CSA 2023 week 5: beets & peas

Now that the leaves are fully out on the trees, and we’re coming right up on Memorial Day, I think we can safely say spring is well advanced, and it’s about to be, or feel like, summer. Our farmers at Beaverland Farms in Detroit, MI tell us that the warmer weather is […]

CSA 2023 week 4

CSA 2023 week 4: greens & turnips

The weather has been warm enough to make all the farm’s plants have a growth spurt. Our farmers at Beaverland Farms in Detroit, MI tell us they have put away the row covers, and we can expect more and more produce each week. The box of CSA 2023 week 4 […]

CSA 2023 week 3

CSA 2023 week 3: asparagus and mushrooms

It’s definitely spring now: the magnolia trees have dropped their blossoms and the lilacs are blooming. Our farmers at Beaverland Farms in Detroit, MI have packed a wonderful box for us this week. CSA 2023 week 3 brings us more rhubarb (yes!) and asparagus and wine-cap mushrooms too! I have another […]

CSA 2023 week 2

CSA 2023 week 2: rhubarb

After a solid week of cold rain, we’re beginning to see the sun, and oh, doesn’t the sunshine feel good on my face! I imagine that’s a bit of what the plants experience, as they stretch toward the light and warmth. This week’s box – CSA 2023 week 2 – […]

rhubarb crumble

Rhubarb Crumble

Rhubarb is one of the first local crops to appear at the Farmers Market or in my CSA box. I always get excited when I see it, and I love to make a good rhubarb crumble with the first of the season. It’s the first thing I’ll make, when I […]

CSA 2023 week 1

CSA 2023 week 1: the new season begins

Springtime in Michigan is an iffy proposition. Two weeks ago we had a preview of summer: for almost a week it was sunny with a high in the mid-80s. That didn’t last, of course, and the weather took a different direction. During this past week, it’s been in the chilly […]

How to choose a CSA

This is the time of year when CSAs fill their customer lists – so if you have been meaning to look into a CSA, it’s time to act now. You’ve heard of CSAs, right? CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture, and it’s a great way to buy local seasonal food directly […]

CSA 2022 week 28 distribution

CSA 2022 week 28: the last box

Well, it’s finally here: CSA 2022 week 28, the very last week of bounty from our farmers at Beaverland Farms. Unsurprisingly, our box contains cool weather produce: potatoes, beets, and an adorable little butternut squash. After this week, we’ll be visiting our local farmers market, where I’m sure we’ll be able to […]

CSA 2022 week 27 distribution

CSA 2022 week 27: chard, green tomatoes

Fall in Michigan: beautiful when it’s sunny, gloomy when skies are grey. Unsurprisingly after last week’s frost warning, we have green tomatoes in this week’s box from CSA 2022 week 27. Our farmers at Beaverland Farms can’t keep tomatoes growing forever, so it’ll be goodbye, tomatoes, see you next summer. Our box contains […]

CSA 2022 week 26 distribution

CSA 2022 week 26: mushrooms, fennel, squash

Our weather has been warm and cool and wet and dry; this is absolutely what we expect in a SE Michigan October. There has already been a frost warning; the growing season here is short. It’s CSA 2022 week 26, and the tomatoes are still coming! Our farmers at Beaverland Farms may […]