CSA 2022 week 23 distribution

CSA 2022 week 23: peppers, chard, cherry tomatoes

The weather-folks were right: it got chilly this past week. Right on the equinox, there was a sudden shift in temperatures, from highs in the mid-80s (F), to high in the low 60s. All this coming week it’s expected to be cool and occasionally rainy, so the weather has definitely shifted to autumn. CSA 2022 week 23 shows this seasonal transition in produce from our farmers at Beaverland Farms – ripe bell peppers and tomatoes, and what may be the last of the green beans, but also chard. I’m guessing that soon we’ll see potatoes and possibly some kinds of squash.

This week’s box contains:

  • CSA 2022 week 23 distribution3 bell peppers, yellow, green/red, and red
  • cherry tomatoes  (one more week?)
  • young ginger
  • green beans
  • mixed lettuces
  • rainbow chard
  • tiny shoots for salads or sandwich crunch
  • flat (Italian) parsley

I think about how I might use all this good stuff while I’m washing and trimming it. CSA 2022 week 23 with its cooler weather has me thinking about soups and stews and excellent food from the oven.

  • seasonal salads: greens with thin sliced apples or pears
  • something like a crust-free spanakopita, but with chard
  • sausage & white beans with chard
  • stuffed pepper soup
  • or maybe even stuffed peppers (so many possibilities!) 
  • pepper steak stir-fry with young ginger
  • avocado and roasted pepper quesadillas
  • roasted bell pepper soup

Follow the season with me, and I’ll show off my CSA box of the week, including ideas of how I might use all the good stuff. Feel free to chime in with comments or questions.