baked risotto for one

Baked Risotto for One

As a solo diner, risotto has been a restaurant pleasure. Oh sure, I know how to make risotto the classic way, ladling spoonfuls of hot broth into the rice and stirring, stirring, stirring all the time. And when I feel like doing that, with music playing and a glass of wine […]

one pork chop

One Pork Chop

When you’re cooking for one, it’s helpful to source ingredients in convenient (small) packages. This recipe for one pork chop does just that: start with one single pork chop, cook it simply, and eat something delicious that doesn’t take much work. Instead of grabbing a family-size package of chops, step […]

oyakodon for 1

Oyakodon for 1

Today I’d like to share one of my own favorites for solo cooking: oyakodon for 1. This is simple and quick to put together, and it’s both tasty and easy. Oyako-don is a classic Japanese dish composed of chicken, onion, and egg over rice. It’s a one-pot dish (well, two […]

Just 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes you want just a couple of cookies. Not a full batch, not dozens, not a big tin full, but just two cookies. One for you, one for a friend – or maybe one for now, one for later. Just two. In fact, you can make just 2 chocolate chip cookies, […]

Lemon Marmalade

Small-batch Lemon Marmalade

Ahh…. small-batch lemon marmalade. I look forward to this every year! Wintertime, specifically during January and February, is grey and bleak around here, and often the weather is fierce. It’s also peak citrus season. Every year, I look for Meyer lemons, so I can make this delightful marmalade. Meyer lemons […]

CSA 2023 week 10

CSA 2023 week 10: Summer begins

You may have noticed a distinct lack of updates on the CSA boxes during June. It’s not that the boxes stopped – our farmers at Beaverland Farms in Detroit have been steadily supplying us with fantastic produce! Just look at some of the boxes in past weeks, and then I’ll […]

rhubarb crumble

Rhubarb Crumble

Rhubarb is one of the first local crops to appear at the Farmers Market or in my CSA box. I always get excited when I see it, and I love to make a good rhubarb crumble with the first of the season. It’s the first thing I’ll make, when I […]

Small-batch Carrot & Radish Pickles

Small-batch Carrot & Radish Pickles (Do Chua)

These traditional refrigerator pickles – Do Chua – are a typical condiment that accompanies many classic Vietnamese dishes. You might be most familiar with them on banh mi sandwiches, but you’ll also find them beside rise plates, noodle bowls, and salads. They’re easy to make, and you need not make […]

Beet Chocolate Cake

Beet Chocolate Cake

The first time I made this beet chocolate cake, my family was skeptical. However, when it came out of the oven, the first loaf disappeared within 20 minutes (I timed it). You can almost persuade yourself that it’s healthy. This may be the original Red Velvet cake; you can still […]

bagel with smoked salmon spread with dill closeup sq

Smoked Salmon Spread with Dill

Bagels are always a favorite in my house. Fortunately there’s a good bagel source nearby, so we often have them on hand. We also like to keep something we affectionally call “salmon glop” – a smoked salmon spread with dill, spiked with lemon. It turns a plain bagel into a perfect […]

squash with lemon mint and feta

Summer Squash with Lemon, Mint, and Feta

It can be difficult to find a good side dish in a small version. It’s even harder to discover one that’s both tasty and simple to make. This summer squash with lemon, mint, and feta fits perfectly into my summer plans. It goes together quickly, can be made in the […]

little radish snacks

Little Radish Snacks

Everybody needs good nibbles! In the spring and late spring, when local radishes are at their best, I like to make these little radish snacks. They’re good at tea-time, for lunch, on a picnic, or whenever you need just a little something. Based on the classic French combination of radishes, […]