CSA 2022 week 22 distribution

CSA 2022 week 22: raspberries, bok choy, tomatoes

The weather forecast tells us that this is the last week in which we can expect hot weather. The crops from our farmers at Beaverland Farms already show this: we have wonderful tomatoes, but also fall raspberries and bok choy. We’ll still have warm days, but the nights are definitely getting cooler, and I know that the crops notice there are fewer hours of sunshine each day. This was CSA 2022 week 22, and we have six more weeks of produce boxes to look forward to! That’ll bring us right to the end of October with great farm-fresh eating.

This week’s box brings us:

  • CSA 2022 week 22 distributionbeautiful tomatoes – will these be the last?
  • zucchini
  • green onions
  • bok choy
  • green beans
  • garlic
  • sunflower shoots
  • raspberries
  • and a lovely bunch of flowers!


I think about how I might use all this good stuff while I’m washing and trimming it. We’ll have a mix of hot and cool evenings, so CSA 2022 week 22 will bring us cool suppers, but also hot ones from the stovetop or oven. Given that I’m still working through last week’s young ginger, I’m definitely leaning toward Asian flavors.

Follow the season with me, and I’ll show off my CSA box of the week, including ideas of how I might use all the good stuff. Feel free to chime in with comments or questions.