CSA 2023 week 2

CSA 2023 week 2: rhubarb

After a solid week of cold rain, we’re beginning to see the sun, and oh, doesn’t the sunshine feel good on my face! I imagine that’s a bit of what the plants experience, as they stretch toward the light and warmth. This week’s box – CSA 2023 week 2 – brings field-grown produce: the season’s first rhubarb! My family loves rhubarb; it’s a vegetable that acts like a fruit.

This is our second year as members of the CSA from Beaverland Farms in Detroit, MI. I note that our rhubarb arrives one week earlier than it did last year – does this maybe mean that we’ll get rhubarb next week too? I guess we’ll find out.

CSA 2023 week 2This week’s box contains:

  • a dozen little potatoes
  • bok choy
  • a fine bunch of radishes
  • green onions
  • spinach
  • mixed salad greens
  • sunflower shoots
  • rhubarb

While I wash and package the veggies, I think about how I might use them. We always want to use up a box before the next one arrives! I look at the weather forecast to help plan. I can see mild weather ahead, and more days with sun than rain. I’m thinking that bag of salad greens will come in handy, and I ought to plan on a couple of hearty salads for the warmest days.

So, then: possible menu items in CSA 2023 week 2 include:

  • rhubarb crumble  this is a family favorite – and it’s also good for breakfast with some yogurt
  • creamed spinach
  • spinach rice with feta and dill
  • fresh pea soup with spinach
  • ginger carrot soup that didn’t happen last week, still looks good! 
  • yakisoba with bok choy
  • bok choy with garlic & oyster sauce
  • roasted potatoes with rosemary
  • classic boxty  (Irish potato cakes)