CSA 2023 week 12

CSA 2023 week 12: chard, cucumbers, squash

I missed a week, again!! Now we’re at CSA 2023 week 12, and I forgot to tell you all about week 11. I’ll put both photos here for your enjoyment.

CSA 2023 week 11       CSA 2023 week 12

Summer is definitely upon us, and we’re starting to get more and more variety. Last week – week 11 – gave us carrots, sugar snap peas, green onions, collard greens, mixed leaf lettuce, cucumber and those black raspberries. I expect that’s the last we’ll see of the peas, which like cool weather, and possibly the last of the tender leaf lettuce for a while. Naturally we ate the black raspberries as soon as we brought them home.

CSA 2023 week 12 brings us hot-weather goodies: celery, Swiss chard, pattypan squash, garlic scapes, green onions, cucumbers, very spicy radishes, and one jalapeño pepper. This week’s box makes me very happy: cucumbers are one of the delicious (and cooling) vegetables of summer, and there are so many ways to use them.

Mixed veg sauceTonight I improvised a sauté with onion, garlic scapes, pattypan squash, and chard, which is definitely something I’ll make again. The slight bitterness of the chard offset the tender sweetness of the squash; it was a most successful experiment.

More things we ate, or plan to eat, based on the abundant veggies:

What would YOU make with all this stuff?