CSA 2023 week 4

CSA 2023 week 4: greens & turnips

The weather has been warm enough to make all the farm’s plants have a growth spurt. Our farmers at Beaverland Farms in Detroit, MI tell us they have put away the row covers, and we can expect more and more produce each week. The box of CSA 2023 week 4 is packed with greens.

I’m lucky to have good neighbors. I’ll be traveling in the coming week, and so we’re sharing our goodies with them. This week’s box contains:

  • CSA 2023 week 4kale
  • radishes
  • green onions
  • salad (hakurei) turnips
  • spinach
  • a small head of romaine lettuce
  • salad mix
  • pea shoots

While I wash and package the veggies, I think about how I might use them (or, this week, how my neighbor might use them!) A big salad is always appropriate; all those greens will come in handy. There’ll be lots of lettuce (or pea shoots!) to pile onto sandwiches.

Here are some of my ideas for CSA 2023 week 4 produce:

Follow the season with me, and I’ll show off my CSA box, including ideas of how I might use all the good stuff. Feel free to chime in with comments or questions.