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CSA week 17 0922 2018

CSA week 17

CSA week 17: get ready for cool weather! Yes, there are still tomatoes at the market. Thank goodness for that, because I am not finished with summer tomatoes. However, there are also winter squash, apples, pears, and pumpkins. Guess it’s that time of year, right? I can see soups and […]

CSA week 15 0908 2018

CSA week 15

It’s CSA week 15, which means there are only 5 more weeks of these glorious boxes. Last week’s fierce heat (highs mid-90s F) has given way to a definite cooling trend. It was chilly – in the low 60s F – on the morning of pickup day; I needed my […]

CSA week 14 0901 2018

CSA week 14

The first day of September also marks CSA week 14. It’s strange to think that in only a few weeks we’ll have to say goodbye to the amazing summer produce. But not yet! We’re not quite at the peak of tomato season; I’m guessing that’ll be next week. Today, this […]

CSA week 13 0825 2018

CSA week 13

CSA week 13, and it’s tomato season! Beautiful tomatoes, both slicers and Roma paste style, are in the box this week. The box was so heavy that I almost had to ask for help carrying it to my car! This week’s box holds: 1 huge cantaloupe about 3 pounds green […]

CSA week 12 0818 2018

CSA week 12

CSA week 12: my favorite radishes are back! The box lacks only tomatoes to be a perfect summer distribution. Never fear, my farmers had tomatoes aplenty, and yes, readers, I bought some. However, I’m talking about the CSA box, and what was inside. This week the box contains: 6 ears of […]

CSA week 11 0811 2018 sq

CSA week 11

CSA week 11: more tomatoes, please! We’ve definitely begun tomato season, and that’s a good thing – no, it’s a great thing. The whole family loves tomatoes. We’re looking forward to several more weeks of all tomatoes, all the time. The vegetable treasures this week: six ears of corn one big head […]

CSA week 10 0804 2018 sq

CSA week 10

CSA week 10: the radishes are back! (I love radishes.) We also have the summer’s first cherry tomatoes. Those won’t last long; in this house we are tomato fiends. This week our box holds fantastic stuff: six ears of corn one big head broccoli radishes one yellow summer squash carrots cucumbers one […]

CSA week 9 0728 2018 sq

CSA week 9

CSA week 9: our first tomatoes, and don’t they look grand. We’re definitely into summer produce now, and I’m ready for tomato sandwiches and fresh corn! This week our box is heavy, because it contains: a dozen ears of corn 3 cantaloupe lettuce kale green beans cucumbers and red, ripe tomatoes […]

CSA week 7 0714 2018

CSA week 7

Definitely July, definitely CSA week 7, and definitely hot weather. Things are growing well, and our farmers have, yet again, packed our box with goodies. For the first week, though, there are no radishes. This was an excellent spring for radishes! The box does have these: romaine lettuce (2 big […]

CSA week 6 0707 2018

CSA week 6

CSA week 6, and the beginning of July. Today, thank goodness, is moderate in temperature, but last week was as hot as we might expect in late August – infernally hot. I console myself by thinking that the heat will only help make really good tomatoes. Alas, no tomatoes yet, but […]

CSA week 5 0630 2018

CSA week 5

It’s CSA week 5 – still June, though just barely – and my farmer at Vanhoutte Farms surprised me. This week’s box held sugar snap peas and snow peas, and I thought that the hot weather spelled the end of the pea distributions. I’m happy to be wrong, though, these taste great. […]

CSA week 4 2018 0623

CSA week 4

Most of the last week has been hot and sticky, so my prediction was correct: no more peas, because peas hate the heat. In CSA week 4, the greens are shifting, too, away from the tender early spring cool weather types, to the more robust (and tough, sometimes bitter) greens. […]