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CSA week 7 2020 0619

CSA season begins: my week 7

CSA week 7 2020 is both the 7th week of CSA produce for me and the 1st week of the full CSA season. I participated in the 6-week “pre-season” from Dancing Meadows Homestead because I was so eager for fresh green veggies. And I haven’t been disappointed, not at all! This […]

CSA week 6 2020 0612

CSA week 6: asparagus, herbs and radishes

CSA week 6 2020: still green. That’s not a bad thing at all; the lettuce is impeccably crisp and fresh, and we’re loving the asparagus. We’ll see more colorful crops soon enough, I’m thinking, and once it’s truly hot and sticky, we’ll long for cool crisp greens again. Naturally we’ll have […]

CSA week 5 2020 0605

CSA week 5: still green!

Finally, warm weather! We went from a long cool wet spring right into early summer, according to the thermometer. I’m expecting to see some different crops in a week or so, but this week, CSA week 5 2020 gives us a box that’s very green. When I have the goodies in […]

CSA week 4 2020 0529

CSA week 4: spinach & other greens

Today we fetched our goodies from the farm. In CSA week 4 2020, our box gives us a double-sized bowl of spinach! It’s all green this week, typical for early season stuff. There’s asparagus, as well – we’re certainly not tired of asparagus yet! When you join a CSA, your […]

CSA week 3 2020 0522

CSA week 3: more asparagus!

CSA week 3 2020 brings us more asparagus, which makes me very happy. Asparagus season – the time to get the really fresh stuff grown locally – is all too short, in my opinion.  This week we’ll feast on asparagus. Would you like an excellent, easy, and totally amazing center-of-the-table dish […]

CSA week 2 2020 0515

CSA week 2: cool wet spring

Spring, hereabouts, is not very spring-like so far, or perhaps it’s just going to be a late spring. The forsythia are blooming, and the daffodils are just up – but it’s been cool so far, and fairly wet. CSA week 2 2020 has  brought us cool-weather produce. Our farmers at Dancing Meadows […]

CSA week 1 0509 2020

CSA week 1: the season begins!

Here in SE Michigan, we’ve just begun the season for local produce. Think that’s late? Where I live, the frost free date is May 29 – so I count myself lucky to get local produce any time in May. This year we’ve joined a CSA from Dancing Meadows Homestead in Cottrellville, […]

VanHoutte Farms CSA

Reflections on the 2018 CSA Season

I’ve been posting about our CSA boxes since early June. Have I been clear about what the heck a CSA is? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Think of it as a subscription to a farm. We pay a fee at the beginning of the growing year. In return, every week, we […]

CSA week 22 1027 2018

CSA week 22

CSA week 22: it’s the end of this year’s CSA season. The farmers market will still be open, and our farmers will still be there with their great produce, but our weekly boxes will stop. From now until next May, I’ll be an ordinary shopper. The end of the season […]

CSA week 21 1020 2018

CSA week 21

October 20th is CSA week 21 – we have a 22-week season this year, not a 20-week one! Now there’s only one more week for our CSA boxes, and soon, I’ll be very sad – however, this week I’m very happy. Look at the wonderful stuff from this week’s box! […]

CSA week 20 1013 2018

CSA week 20

CSA week 20, and there was a lovely surprise for me today: our farmer told me I had it all wrong, and we have two more weeks of glorious produce! I’m very excited about this, because, well, glorious produce, and the fall crops are just beautiful. We’re due for a hard […]

CSA week 19 1006 2018

CSA week 19

CSA week 19, and we’re almost at the end of the CSA season: only one more week. I suspect that we’re seeing the last of our high summer produce (corn and tomatoes) – tune in next week to find out if I’m right. I’ll miss the tomatoes, especially; February tomatoes […]