CSA week 5 2020 0605

CSA week 5: still green!

Finally, warm weather! We went from a long cool wet spring right into early summer, according to the thermometer. I’m expecting to see some different crops in a week or so, but this week, CSA week 5 2020 gives us a box that’s very green.

When I have the goodies in my kitchen, as I trim and wash, then store away, I’m thinking about what sorts of things I might possibly make with this stuff. If there’s lettuce, of course I’m going to have a salad or three – I’m not jaded, yet; salads are a treat right now. I do try to make interesting salads: not just lettuce, tomato, maybe cucumber, but salads intentionally composed with various tastes and textures.

CSA week 5 2020 0605Our share for CSA week 5 includes:

  • asparagus
  • green onions
  • lots of arugula
  • fresh mint

So here’s the photo, taken on my patio table with my uncontrolled garden foliage in the background. I can already see some possibilities:


green onions



Clearly I have a lot of options here! I’m certainly NOT going to make all these recipes in the coming week. If I manage one or two of them, I’ll post about them and include photos.