CSA week 3 2020 0522

CSA week 3: more asparagus!

CSA week 3 2020 brings us more asparagus, which makes me very happy. Asparagus season – the time to get the really fresh stuff grown locally – is all too short, in my opinion.  This week we’ll feast on asparagus. Would you like an excellent, easy, and totally amazing center-of-the-table dish of asparagus? Here’s a classic from Alice B. Toklas, adapted by Bert Greene and reported by Food 52: asparagus with salt & pepper whipped cream

Our farmers seem very well able to handle the cool wet weather we’ve had so far. We’ve just passed the “frost free” date here, so there’s one worry gone: the buds won’t freeze off the fruit trees, and the greens can keep on growing.

CSA week 3 2020 0522Our share for CSA week 3 includes:

  • green onions
  • lots of asparagus
  • mixed young lettuces
  • radishes

As I’m driving home from the farm, I think about what I might make from the goodies in my box. Nobody really needs a recipe for salad greens, though let me remind you that they also add crunch and color to sandwiches. That asparagus lends itself to lots of options: soup? frittata or quiche? risotto? Here are some ideas you might find helpful, some with links to recipes:


green onions