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A holiday feast for two

There would be only the two of us this year, but we were determined to hold the festival, and celebrate the holidays in style. We set up a tiny festive tree and enjoyed the quiet beauty of lights inside contrasted against the snow outside. We hosted a family brunch upon […]

Green Bean Casserole for two

I know that many people think that cream and mushroom soup, and fried onions from a can, make a great casserole. And maybe they’re right, but it’s not the right size for a serves two feast! I adapted this from Alton Brown and from Smitten Kitchen, to whom I am […]

Roast Beef Tenderloin for 2

The tenderloin (fillet of beef) is the tenderest part of the beef. It can be costly – but it’s a dream to cook, and there is almost no waste. It’s actually quite easy to cook! Look for a center-cut Chateaubriand trimmed of fat and silver skin, which may require a […]