CSA week 9: the flood

© Joe Gall / camerajesus.com  used by permission
© Joe Gall / camerajesus.com used by permission

Yep, we had us some rain: “drenched” doesn’t even begin to describe it. The photo above shows a freeway intersection right near my house with about 15 feet of water under the overpass.

We had word from our plucky farmers at City Commons. It was too rainy to harvest on Monday, but they were able to gather our distribution this morning and get it ready in only a few hours. Alhough floodwaters still block several routes to the farm, and muck boots are suggested, the produce will be ready for us as usual.
CC CSA wk 9And what a lovely box it is. Week 9 continues the tomato trend (hooray for tomatoes) and includes red potatoes, yellow zucchini squash, purple carrots, Swiss chard, cabbage, onions, and a lovely bunch of purple basil.

Cooking ideas for this week – besides snacking on those cherry tomatoes – include: