CSA week 5: summer produce arrives

City Commons week 5Finally, we see summer veggies! And this week I know what everything is, even if the beans are unexpectedly purple. Such a pretty color!

This week’s box includes green and purple beans, more garlic, yellow summer squash, cucumbers, frisee or escarole, kohlrabi, a huge bunch of basil and a tidy bundle of chives.

I can already see possibilities here. I was smelling the heady scent of basil all the way home, and imagining the goodness of pesto made with fresh basil and new garlic. I am thinking about a luscious and traditional Ligurian pesto with beans and potatoes – and I’m already getting hungry.

This is also the start of pickling season! Just like small-batch jams, pickles can be made in small quick batches. Let the abundance continue, oh please.