Canning & Preserving

Strawberry/Lemon Butter

More berries! More, more, more … and then what do you do with them? I wanted to make something a little different this time, a smooth strawberry spread, almost the texture of apple butter. Something bright and perky, and absolutely wonderful. Something in a very small batch. Yield: 3 half-pint […]

Strawberry Sauce

Wow, that flat of berries didn’t last long! We used the first half flat (4 quarts) the first day, what with our traditional Strawberry Night and one batch of strawberry jam. The rest waited in the refrigerator to be gobbled. We had berries in one form or other every day … […]

Learn to make Strawberry Jam

This year, I’m offering a small class on old-fashioned no-pectin-added Strawberry Jam. I make jam the traditional way, in small batches, and put it up in glass jars sealed in a waterbath. If you are interested in a such a class in Oakland County Michigan, do send a reply ASAP, […]

Sliced strawberry jam

Every June while I was growing up, I used to make sliced strawberry jam with my mum. She was a working woman, so it was a process we split into two parts: in the evening, washing and prepping the berries; early the next morning, cooking the jam and sealing the […]