store jars no bands

Why I Store My Jars With No Bands

Sometimes I’m asked: why do I store my jars with the lids sealed on, but the bands removed?

  1. As part of my normal canning process, I take the jars out of the canner, and let them cool for several hours or overnight. Then I remove the bands, and check the seal: first by pressing the lid (doesn’t move? good) and then by trying to lift the jar by the lid only (it should stay quite sealed, and still not move).
  2. If some problem develops in the jar during storage, it will probably affect the seal. I want to see this as soon as possible, and having no band makes that easier.

It’s true that most jars will never develop such problems. But if I have a seal that begins to leak, weep, or mold, I want to spot it as soon as I can.

Remember to store your jars away from light and in a cool place. My grandmother used to have a special shelf ‘down cellar’, and that’s still a great idea. Jars like it cool and dark!