Wheat Montana

Montana Wheat

We were driving across I-90 in Montana – a seemingly endless road – and spotted a billboard advertising a bakery and deli. “Brownies!” we thought, and pulled off the road for a snack. The brownies were great. We found a lot more to like, too.

Wheat MontanaWheat Montana in Three Forks is a lot more than a little bakery/deli. Sure, they make and sell brownies, breads, cinnamon rolls, and cookies of all kinds. They’ll be happy to make a sandwich for you. But what they really do is grow wheat.

It’s a 15,000-acre three-generation family farm. Their operations include growing, harvesting, cleaning, processing, flour milling and a full scale bakery that services a five state area. The grains, cereal, and flour are sold nationwide.

Naturally I bought wheat to take home. How could I resist? I’m already planning to put the Mockmill to work when this vacation is over. I wanted to get just about everything – but limited myself to a great big sack of hard white wheat, some spelt, and some kamut.

Montana wheat bagThis wheat was grown within 20 miles of the place where I bought it: now that’s local food. When I’m using it back home – 1700 miles away – I’ll remember the sun and the sky, the long drive, and the surprise of stopping for a brownie and finding a wheat grower. Best souvenir ever!