Holiday Cookie Party!

A table full of cookiesWe kick off our holiday season with a Cookie Party, and I can tell you it’s a ton of fun, not too much work, and a great way to connect with friends.

We schedule our cookie Sunday, and plan for a full day. Our mission is to bake as many types of cookies as we can, and have fun!

Decorating Cookies 1 2013 edited

Wacky Teapots – a cut-out sugar cookie, iced and decorated – are a family tradition. This year we tried edible food markers and were wowed by the results. To streamline the process, I rolled out and baked the teapots ahead of time, and smoothed on royal icing the evening before, so it would be dry and ready to go on Sunday. Here’s T making works of art – and we were so lucky to have three true artists in attendance. The cookies were almost too lovely to eat.

People brought cookies to decorate; brought dough to be made into cookies; brought ingredients to use to make even more cookies. We had a big pot of soup to take care of any hunger pangs, and bowls of colored sugars, nuts, and sprinkles. During this coming week, I’ll be posting details of some of our favorites. All in all, there were at least twelve types of cookies made, some in multiple batches – that’s a lot of cookies!

stacked up boxesBy the end of the day, we had cookies on every horizontal surface. We pressed plate after plate of cookies into our friends’ hands, and still ended up filling every tin in the house with fresh-baked goodies. Some cookies were mailed away (more on that tomorrow), some were brought to neighbors, and some were simply enjoyed. 

Cookies: the best holiday tradition we keep.


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