CSA wk 10: halfway done!

CC CSA wk 10I beat the rain today for my City Commons pickup – hooray for staying dry. This is week 10, which is the midpoint of the CSA season.

This week’s box included basil and chives, carrots, cucumbers, both slicing and cherry tomatoes, varicolored beans, jalapeño peppers, and garlic.

It almost seems a shame to cook them at all, they’re so fresh and luscious – so there will be a bunch of salads, I know. With some cooler weather in the forecast, I’m also looking at:

  • baked tomatoes stuffed with onions and rice (and maybe lamb or beef)
  • pasta with tomatoes and Brie
  • thick-sliced tomato sandwiches on homemade bread
  • cucumber & tomato salad (I never get tired of this)
  • classic pesto