City Commons CSA week 18

CSA week 18: soggy & chilly

City Commons CSA week 18Wet chilly weather today, and I’ll bet there are wet chilly farmers, too. My CSA box was dry and ready in the storage shed. This week it contains leeks, mustard greens, Swiss chard, potatoes, parsley, green onions, mixed salad greens, eggplants, and what I can only assume are the last of the tomatoes. It’s a good thing we canned a lot of them last week!

I was thinking about potato-leek soup on the way home from the farm today, and other possibilities for great cooking from this week’s box:

  • eggplant stuffed with ground lamb, rice, tomato, and mint
  • lasagna with chard – possibly with butternut squash
  • Italian soup with greens, white beans, & sausage
  • pasta with bitter greens and sausage
  • potato and leeks au gratin

When the weather is dry again, I’ll be cleaning out my herb garden. Tender herbs just don’t make it here in Michigan. The basil plants are already damaged by cold. For the mint, oregano, rosemary, sorrel, and thyme, I’ll harvest all that I can, freeze some, dry the rest, and hang on until spring. The sage is much hardier, though, and a little frost doesn’t stop it. I’ll be able to pluck fresh sage to use right up until the deep snow arrives.