CSA week 15: fall crops coming in

CC CSA wk 15Sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash appear in my basket this week, along with jalapeño peppers, green beans, mint, mustard greens, cherry tomatoes, kohlrabi, and Swiss chard. My basket tells me to get ready for fall eating patterns, and to use up fresh ripe tomatoes while we have them – because soon they’ll be gone.

September in Michigan can be warm, cold, wet, and dry – all in the same day – so my menu plans have to be flexible. The spaghetti squash will probably be paired with a roasted tomato sauce. Beyond that, I’ve got a list of possibilities. Keep checking back, I just might post photos and recipes for these!

  • pasta with mustard greens, garlic, & sausage
  • mint tea, or black tea with mint added
  • Greek chard pie with feta and mint (hortopita)
  • baked sweet potato ‘fries’ roasted with cumin and rosemary
  • kale and sweet potato soup from the Splendid Table
  • green beans with killer lemon/garlic sauce
  • kohlrabi and potato gratin