CSA week 15 2020 0821

CSA week 15: our first corn

CSA week 15 2020: We have corn! 4 beautiful ears, which we’re going to devour tonight. In fact, we have all of the traditional “3 sisters”: corn, beans, and squash. This week we have 2 pattypan squashes. They look a bit like flying saucers but taste delicious.

I’m going to blanch all the beans this week: once they’re shock-chilled in ice water, and drained well, they go into convenient meal-size packets for us to zap in the microwave. I change up the flavors with various herbs and/or garlic, and it’s something that we never get tired of.

CSA week 15 2020 0821This week in our basket:

  • 2 pattypan squash
  • a bunch of yellow onions
  • baby beets
  • a huge bag of fresh lettuce
  • cherry tomatoes of many colors
  • purple, yellow, and green beans
  • 4 ears of corn

ideas for the week ahead

  • now that we have a bunch of good cherry tomatoes: use with the lettuce and some steamed green beans in a Niçoise salad
  • when I have cooked and chilled the beets, they’ll go into a Greek salad
  • or possibly this beet salad with walnuts & feta
  • and how about an unexpected dessert? Pattypan squash crumble from Farm Fresh Feasts looks so interesting!
  • or more traditionally: pattypan squash Parmesan from Love & Lemons