City Commons CSA storage share

The CSA’s Last Box

If I weren’t paying attention to the calendar, the weather would be telling me the news: the growing season is over. We’ve had a hard frost, and there’s snow in the forecast for today/tonight. I have to face facts: no more boxes from City Commons. I’ll miss the parade of vegetables!

City Commons CSA storage share

One last box came to me this week: the City Commons CSA storage share. This is a more than double-sized box of vegetables. These are roots, winter squash, and other hardy items suitable for longer term storage.

It is a grand assortment: butternut squash, white sweet potatoes, lots of carrots, lots of beets, lots of daikon radishes, bulb fennel, white potatoes, garlic, dried cayenne peppers, sage, dried fennel seeds, and two jars put up by one of our farmers – pickled daikon, and cherry tomato salsa. That’s a whole lot of good eating!

I’m looking forward to chilly weather soups, stews, and roasted vegetables. My weekly trips to the farm may stop, but I’ll be eating fresh local produce for weeks.