CSA 2022 week 2 distribution

CSA 2022 week 2: early spring

CSA 2022 week 2 brings us another fine box from Beaverland Farms in Detroit, MI. While it was snowing just a few days ago, today the weather forecast is for sunshine and temperatures in the high 70s! Michigan’s springtime is full of extremes. I’m expecting the weather this coming week to be hot, cold, wet, and dry – sometimes all in the same day.

CSA 2022 week 2 distributionThe CSA 2022 week 2 box brings us:

  • spinach
  • carrots
  • pea shoots
  • leeks
  • parsley
  • sweet potatoes
  • 2 tiny heads of Romaine lettuce
  • locally fermented tempeh


Clearly some of these veggies are winter-grown, and either stored or harvested in spring. Others are planted in the farmers’ greenhouse in late winter and are just ready now. Either way, I’m happy!

While I was washing and trimming the veggies, here’s what I’ve thought about cooking:


Follow the season with me: I’ll show off my CSA box each week, and then spin ideas of how I might use all the good stuff. Feel free to chime in with comments or questions.