City Commons CSA week 11

City Commons CSA week 11

Our weather has been cool these last few days. Summer is far from over; we have more hot and sunny days to come. It’s clear, though, that the summer harvest is destined to end, perhaps in a glorious abundance of ripe tomatoes any week now. Come on, tomatoes!

This week our distribution includes collards, cucumbers, three kinds tomatoes (slicing, oblong paste, and cherry tomatoes), the first apples, leeks, radishes, and salad greens.

City Commons CSA week 11We are certainly cooking tomato gratin as often as we can: this is the essence of summer. Other possibilities include:

  • baked tomatoes stuffed with rice and Parmesan
  • creamed collard greens from Nourished Kitchen
  • little tea sandwiches with cucumber slices, or with grated radishes and butter
  • breakfast casserole with leeks from Simpy Recipes
  • polenta tart with roasted cherry tomatoes from the Kitchn
  • and, of course, summer’s last gasp salad!


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