Changed Look 1200

Changed Look

I’m hoping that everybody noticed: the blog has a changed look! Yes, there’s been a blog redesign, and while the largest parts of it are complete, I’ll still have to make tweaks here and there. I thought I’d take this opportunity to point out some nice new features. I’m referring here to the full screen computer version, but the theme should look good on tablets and even phones as well.

Look up top, first: you can follow me on various social media by clicking on the various icons at the upper right side. I know they’re small, but I don’t want them to get in the way.

You’ll see three featured recipes near the top – those will change seasonally, and will always reference what’s growing or available right now. This is a way to bring old posts to your attention, because oldies can be goodies.

There’s a prominent search bar: just type in what you’re looking for, and let’s hope you find it. I’ve found the search to be pretty good. If, when you search, you find something marked “Revisit” or “Outdated” or “Private” – you’ve found a section of the blog that I’m still working on. I hope that won’t happen often, though feel free to drop me a comment if it does.

I’m hoping that you’ll find the new design fairly intuitive. The most recent blog post will always be the first in the list of “The Latest Good Stuff”, which block displays the most recent 6 posts. Play around with your mouse (on a desktop) or your finger (on phone or tablet). You’ll find recipes have been put into categories.

On a phone or tablet, tap the 3 horizontal lines at top left, which will pull up a menu for you to choose from. If you click on ‘Recipes’ you’ll get another menu with various categories of menus. Nifty, right?

If you’re viewing the blog on a desktop/laptop computer, hover over ‘Recipes’ to see the new subcategory menu. Now here’s one of the problem areas I need to work on: the darn thing isn’t in alphabetical order (though it is, for phones/tablets). I’ve spent six weeks trying to figure this out and it’s still a problem, so I’ve decided that you all are smart enough to find, say, Appetizers, even if it’s halfway down the list and follows Small Batch. Let’s call it a quirk and move on. You’ll know if I can fix this, because suddenly it will all show up in alphabetical order.

Within the posts, there’s also a redesign: there are internal recipe cards. A post will show a photo, then an immediate JUMP TO RECIPE or PRINT RECIPE. If you want to skip my deathless prose, now it’s easy to do.

Let me know if you like this, or if you hate it. I’m certainly hoping you’ll love the new look!