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Let’s talk about comfort food – the stuff that you turn to when you’re dead tired, hungry and cranky. You want a one-pot meal, something that is simple and quick to put together. I’ve got just the dish. This is gyudon, which is short for gyuniku donburi, or Japanese beef bowl

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best ever Cheese Muffins 1200

Best Ever Cheese Muffins

Best-ever cheese muffins? Really? Yes, really. I don’t use the term “Best Ever” lightly. These are, truly, the best cheese muffins I’ve ever made. They’re quick, dependable, and gloriously cheesy. They go well with soups or stews, work as a standalone snack, or make an irresistible breakfast. I usually make these muffins with a bowl,

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Granny Smith's Meatloafies

Granny Smith’s Meatloafies

There’s a family history about Granny Smith’s Meatloafies. My mother loved the outsides of meats – the outside cut of the roast, the edges on a good meatloaf – so when I made meatloaf for her, I made individual-sized “loafies” so she could have more of the tasty crust. Along the way,

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white bean escarole and sausage soup

Quick White Bean & Escarole Soup

So far this month, we’ve had cold & grey weather – gloomy, but no rain or snow. According to the weather forecasters, that’s about to change. We’ll have a chance to put on our snow boots, test out the new electric snow thrower, and, best of all, warm up with

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sous vide chicken teriyaki

Sous Vide Chicken Teriyaki

January is a time when I return to the simple in my kitchen. After 6 weeks of feasts, cookies, pies, more feasts, and all the glitter of the holidays, it’s time to simplify. This month I want to eat down the freezer, use up the pantry supplies, and, in general,

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quick maple tarts

Maple Tarts

Cold weather and the holiday season mean that my oven’s often in use, baking all kinds of treats. Fancy cookies are all very well, and fun to give as gifts, but sometimes I just want something quick and easy, but still utterly delicious. That’s when I turn to my freezer, and

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quick chasseur sauce in pot

Quick Chasseur Sauce

What’s a quick chasseur sauce? The name translates to Hunters’ Sauce, and it goes with just about anything a hunter would bring home: game birds, rabbits, venison, and boar. It also works very well with our more ordinary food: beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and lamb. This is a sauce that makes

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Stuffed Pepper Soup in Bowl

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Why stuffed pepper soup? November, here in SE Michigan, brings cold blustery weather, and adds unpredictability. We might have sunshine, sleet, snow, or all of the above in one day. I call it soup weather: this is the time of year when I have great appreciation for a good bowl

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pickled green tomatoes

Pickled Green Tomatoes

You may already be familiar with pickled green tomatoes – they are common in many New York delis. However, if you’re one of those folks whose understanding of pickles is limited to cucumbers, try these! This is the time of year when gardeners race the frosts to harvest every possible

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the cake that cures everything but smaller

The Cake that Cures Everything But Smaller

In My Kitchen Year, Ruth Reichl published a recipe for an enormous cake which she called “The Cake That Cures Everything”. What a cake! Made of two gigantic 9×13 layers, it could serve 36 chocolate lovers(!) Her original recipe may be found on her own website, as well as among

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garden-style sloppy joe sandwich on a plate

Garden-style Sloppy Joes

I like my sloppy joes to be chunky and flavorful – no thin wimpy sandwiches, please! I also prefer a healthier version, so I use a very lean beef and then add lots of vegetable. That’s why they’re garden-style sloppy joes. This is a great dish to make in quantity. It

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I’m Maurita Plouff, and I write about cooking and preserving the local harvest in Southeast Michigan. Any recipe you find here is something I have cooked myself, and enjoyed, and think you might like too. I invite you to try the recipes, and leave comments.

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